Stuart Jardine

Owner / Director
Stuart Øren Jardine, the son of Stuart Eccles Jardine and Halldis Johanna Øren (Norwegian) was born in Port of Spain in April 1953. Educated in Barbados where he completed College

Tara Dianne Teelucksingh Jardine

Owner / Director / Company Secretary
Tara Dianne Teelucksingh Jardine was raised to in the business world being the daughter for Horace & Harriet Teelucksingh who owned National Films, Trinity Films, National Cinemas in Trinidad &

Yuri Jardine

As an Director of the company, Mr. Jardine has become a passionate advocate for forward thinking (or progression) within the Maritime Industry. Yuri hails from a family with long established

Cindy-Ann Boodoo

HR Manager/Executive Assistant
Cindy-Ann Boodoo has been with the company for over six years. Cindy ensures the smooth execution of the company’s Administrative and HR duties. With her robust knowledge of HR Management

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